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Car Diffusers- Ripe Papaya & Pink Grapefruit

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Why not have a car that smells as delicious as your home with our popular Car Diffuser range? 

Available in all our favourite fragrances and packaged in a sweet glass bottle with natural timber lid and a cheeky dash of Blushing Ivy !

Also perfect for wardrobes or small spaces that require a freshen up that isn't too overbearing.

Volume:  8ml 

Directions for use
1.  Remove timber lid
2.  Remove plastic stopper and replace timber lid
3.  Shake gently to disperse oil through timber lid
4.  Hang in your car or small space and enjoy!

Tropical Breeze
Top Notes: Ripe Papaya, Passionfruit
Mid Notes: Pink Grapefruit
Base Notes: Orange, Sandalwood