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Glass on the Grass

Glass on the Grass – Wine Lovers

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The perfect gift if she loves wine, picnics and entertaining.
Slide-on coasters that transform a real wine glass into an outdoor wine glass. Great for picnics on grass, picnic rugs, BBQ tables and sand. Unlike wine spikes, they are light, portable, easy to use, save your glass tipping, match your wine, identify your glass and you can put your glass down where ever you are.

Ideal for picnics, festivals and camping.  They are also great for home entertaining – just take your glass outside. As we like to say, ‘Life’s too short to spill wine’. Glass on the Grass, for when you want to drink out of a real wine glass outdoors.

In this collection we’ve made colours to match white wine, french style rosé, pink rosé, and red wines.

They come in a pack of 4 wine coasters in an eco-friendly burgundy linen pouch. The perfect picnic accessory.